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Good Day Chicago

Children's author Vanessa Messenger talks about her dog's TikTok fame and the new children's book educating kids on Type 1 diabeters, "Teddy Talks: A Paws-itive Story About Type 1 Diabetes."

Fox 2 Detroit

A new children’s book "Teddy Talks" helps create optimism, and a sense of belonging for kids living with Type 1 Diabetes. written by Vanessa Messenger, with illustrations by Emma Latham.

The Four

Vanessa Messenger is the Michigan-based author of the award-winning children’s book Teddy Talks: A Paws-itive Story About Type 1 Diabetes.

Studio 10

Local Michigan author and viral TikTok dog inspires new children's book about Diabetes.


On StoryMakers, we’re bringing you a story with a paws-itive message about Type-1 Diabetes. Join Vanessa Messenger (and a special furry guest!) as she chats about her book TEDDY TALKS, an educational and inspiring story about a little girl who has type-1 diabetes and her faithful pup, Teddy.

Dawn's Corner

Las Vegas(KLAS)- Dawn McCarthy from Dawn’s Corner shares winter health wellness must haves featuring Teddy Talks: A Paws-itive Story About Type 1 Diabetes. 


A new mom (twice!) during COVID, Vanessa Messenger shares her story and her new book about T1D


Navigating Pregnancy and Creating T1D Children’s Books with Vanessa Messenger

Part 2 of Eoin's chat with Vanessa Messenger.


Vanessa was diagnosed with T1D as a young adult at the age of 24. She is a hard-working mother of two and is also a business woman and works as a product lead at everyone’s favorite search engine, Google! BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!

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