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Teddy Talks:
a Paw-sitive Story about Type 1 Diabetes

Written by Vanessa Messenger

Illustrated by Emma Latham

Available now at

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The Story

Teddy isn’t your average fur-iend...but neither is Emily! When she was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, it all seemed overwhelming. But now, the pair never lets anything stand in the way of everyday adventures...and they can teach you how too!

Sit, stay and come along as Teddy Talks about the healthy daily habits he and his human Emily make together. In this fetching tale, Teddy shares how it is easy to find the bright side when you’re looking for it. After all, a little paws-itivity can go a long way!

Written by a Type 1 Diabetic mother of two who knows firsthand how challenging it can be to explain the condition to kids, this engaging story features a glossary of common terms and showcases how Emily uses her Continuous Glucose Monitor to track her sugar levels throughout the day.

Both educational and inspirational, Teddy Talks: A Paw-sitve Story About Type 1 Diabetes is a must-have for any child.

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Beyond the Book

I wrote a picture book, Teddy Talks: a paws-itive story about Type 1 Diabetes, to be an educational and inspirational story showing that diabetes doesn’t have to limit the things that you want to do! It’s also a great tool for conversations with children so they can learn about their friends and family members with diabetes from an upbeat perspective.

-Vanessa Messenger

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