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Faustman Lab


The Immunobiology Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has advanced the understanding of the role the human immune system plays in autoimmune diseases, cancer and transplantation. From basic research into turning the immune system on to fight cancer to a Phase II clinical trial to reverse type 1 diabetes, the lab conducts and then translates basic research in applications that help patients.

A portion of each book sale is donated to support their research

"DYS heartily endorses the lessons that can be learned from this beautifully written and illustrated book (Teddy Talks) and we congratulate the author for her important work."


“Having educational resource books like Teddy Talks which are targeted at helping kids understand their diagnosis are so important to patient coping and adjustment. They help break concepts down to a kid’s level, act as a great reference to keep looking back to as they continue to learn, and provide stories that kids can identify with and see themselves in.”


Thrivable connects patients and companies to create better products and services for the next generation of health care. Their real-time market research platform makes it easy for patients to be their own advocates by sharing their insights, stories, and perspectives via surveys, interviews, focus groups, and usability studies. Health care companies turn to Thrivable to ensure the voice of the customer drives important business decisions every day. 

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